Loftleidir - Icelandic on Top Ten list

Loftleidir - Icelandic on Top Ten list

Creditinfo has performed a detailed analysis of which Icelandic companies may be considered as outstanding in terms of financial strength and stability.  Out of 32.000 companies which appear on the Icelandic registry of corporations a total of 177 were deemed to satisfy the critera set by Creditinfo as necessary to be recognized as an outstanding company.

The top ten companies on the list were  Alcan, CCP, Össur, Stálskip, HB Grandi, Vistor, Bananar ehf., KPMG hf, Nathan og Olsen and Loftleidir Icelandic.

As basis for the evaluation, Credit Info analyzed the companies annual reports for the past three years.  Each company had to be profitable each year, have equity of no less than 100 million kronor and debt to equity ratio of no less than 25%.  Finally the companies were required to qualify as a group 1-3 company in Credit Info's CIP risk assessment.